Release Date : 2010/7/23[1]
Postcard purple cover

So you bought the “Saiyuki Postcard ‘Purple’” edition, good for you. …Well, you did pick my book over those damn rowdy servants’ that was a wise decision.

I did have to show up for a few shots in their books too, so you can go ahead and buy them…think of it as charity. By the way, these are considered ‘large size’ postcards, so when you send them, be sure to use an 80 yen stamp.

…You got that? 80 yen. Don’t be a cheapskate over an amount like that. It’s only for Heisei year 22 though. What it’ll be in the future is not my concern.

If you object to giving the postcards away, then put them up for decoration, or carry them around with you, whatever you want or you could buy another copy or two.

No matter how many more you buy, you’re free to watch over us or forget about us as you please.

Just like we are free to do as we please.

Genjyo Sanzo


Release Date : 2010/7/23[2]
Postcard yellow cover
 Hey, thanks for buying “Saiyuki Postcard ‘Yellow’” edition!

It’s the first time in the Saiyuki series that I get a book of ‘just me’ so I’m sooo embarrassed. But it’s okay, as long as you guys like it. There’s old stuff and new stuff in it, so it’s kinda like my album.

But I also show up in Sanzo’s and Gojyo’s and Hakkai’s albums too, so take a look at those too, okay? You don’t have to buy them, though.

Um… (cue card) tear along the perforations…what’s a perforation? Is that like what Hakkai’s sometimes tapping away at?* So, you can send these to your friends as postcards, or you can put them up for decorations or carry them around if you want. Why would you wanna put them up for decoration? Anyway. Oh yeah, and if you put them in the post, they said you have to use an 80 yen stamp. Cuz they’re large sized and stuff. So be careful about that.

Okay, thanks for your all support everyone!

Son Goku


Release Date : 2010/7/23[3]
Postcard green cover

Thank you for your support, this is Cho Hakkai.

Thank you very much for purchasing “Saiyuki Postcard ‘Green’” edition.

It’s my first individual publication in the 'Saiyuki series, so I’m ashamed to say that you’ll turn pages

and pages, and it will all be of…me. I’ll probably be too embarrassed to ever open this book, myself (laughs), so please enjoy this book on my behalf as well. You may tear along the perforated edges and use them as postcards, put them up for decoration, or carry them around as you wish. By the way, if you carry them with you at all times, you’ll get good grades, or win the lottery, or have luck in love. Actually, that’s a lie. Oh, if you put them in the post, they will treat these as ‘large sized’ postcards, so please make sure to use an 80 yen stamp (as of Heisei year 22).

I appear here and there in some of the other books too, so please take a look at those as well. Well then, I hope you will continue supporting us in the future.

Cho Hakkai


Release Date : 2010/7/23[4]
Postcard red cover
So you bought “Saiyuki Postcard ‘Red’” edition, huh? I’m glad to hear it~ the first ever book of my very own in the Saiyuki series…it’s about time! Sorry

Sha Gojyo's Postcard MessageSha Gojyo's Post Card Message

to keep you waiting. Those other guys are always showing up in

my shoots and cramping my style, you know? I always thought that was messed up.

…But anyway, I appear in those other three guys’ books here and there too, so if you wanna see more of me, then be sure to pick them up. Oh, but don’t get the purple one. Isn’t purple the color of frustration? (laughs)

You can tear them off by the perforations, but you can put them up for decoration, carry them around with you, or do **** with them. But if you’re going to send them, make sure to use an 80 yen stamp…they’re large sized, or something.

--All righty then, let’s meet again soon. Behave yourselves, you hear?

Sha Gojyo [5]

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