Shudou is the main antagonist of the Episode 12: Two Faces.


He was once a human but after his death, only his soul has continued on in a doll, Junhua. According to Junhua, he is a devil who is obsessed with beauty. He kills men with beautiful faces one by one and claims their faces.



The real Shudou when he was still in a human body

Before his death, he never experienced his father’s love. His father’s attention was making dolls and Shudou blames the dolls for stealing the love that he most crave. He tried to be a doll by wearing a mask, but he only got a slapped by his father. Despite his father’s attitude towards him, he loves Shudou very much and wants his son to be happy. His father was upset to himself for he can’t do anything fatherly to his own son, Shudou. For him to pay back his son, he made a doll name Junhua, who he made to his son’s likeness and a gift to him as well. However, it was too late, Shudou already committed suicide. Shudou’s angry soul went inside Junhua’s body for vengeance. When his father was destroying all the dolls that he made, he

Shudou committed suicide

wasn’t able to destroy Junhua, but Shudou who is inside Junhua killed his own father. From then on, he became a devil who is obsessed with beautiful faces and claims them.

A father's letter to his son


I am sorry. I was never able to do anything fatherly for you. I am a man with no talent for anything, but doll making. Even though I was aware that you needed me... I was an awkward man who could not even play with you. Junhua, who I made in your likeness was a gift from me to you. However, you must have misunderstood my intentions. Shudou, forgive me. Forgive me, I will get rid of all the dolls with my very hands.

In the end, he regretted that he killed his father after realizing that his father really loved him. Gojyo remarks that, “I’m glad for you, Shudou. I’m sure your old man is waiting for you in heaven.”

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