Kanji 【宋公】
Race God
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eye Color Violet
Relatives Unnamed mother
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Saiyuki Gaiden: Tenjou no Ari
Anime Debut Saiyuki Gaiden: Koubana no Shou
Seiyuu Eguchi Takuya
Skills Swordmanship
Weapons Katana

Souko (宋公) was the Assistant Chief of Data Management, General Affairs Division of the Palace of the Jade Emperor. From that day on, he became a member of First Regiment of the Western Army of Heaven. He is the main character of Tenjou no Ari. He didn't appeared in 3 first episodes of Saiyuki Gaiden but he was shown in Koubana no Shou.


Souko is a shy, quiet and calm person, but very confident being part of the military. He is curious about the lower world and dreams to see what is out there. He was amaze after seeing the vast blue sky and ants after stepping at Earth for the first time. Despite the fact he was new in military that time, he is courage to cooperate like for example when Tenpou’s group run out of anesthetic bullets while fighting with the organisms in the lower world, Souko then volunteered that he will bring the ammo to them, and he didn't fail. This is when he realized that he became one of the “Ants in Heaven”.

Souko later on became friends with his unit and he seems to be closer to Yuuan. He was seen saving Yuuan from being attack by one of the soldiers of Second Unit.


Sokou has a black short hair with bangs his right sid and eyes were shown as purple like other gods. He has an innocent appearance and gentleness.


Yuuan Soukou Gaiden 001

Yuuan talking to Souko

Souko was telling to his mother through a letter about his condition and applying to be a member of Western Army First Unit of Heaven. Souko later met his superiors, Field Marshal Tenpou and General Kenren and later became friends with Rihaku and he is also close to Yuuan. Souko's new life started, when he met these people as he became one of the ants of heaven. He bagan to have a close bond with his superior and the rest of First Unit.
Final Battle

The First Unit members VS Second Unit

He was also fighting with Enrai’s men who ambushed the rebellions. In Tenpou’s last order, he ordered them to kill all Second Unit in the room and do not let a single person who'd seen them leave alive. After Tenpou and Kenren, Souko and the rest of the First Unit agreed that they will complete the mission no matter what and it will be the Western Army First Unit's final battle.

In the end, Souko died along with his fellow unit.


Rihaku -

Yuuan Soukou Gaiden 002

Souko after saving Yuuan

Yuuan -

Weapons and Abilities

Nothing much known about his abilities, but Souko was first seen holding a katana and saved Yuuan from being attack by one of the soldiers of Second Unit.

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