Crossdresser? Transgender?

Is she wearing men's clothing, or is monk hanfu a gender nutral uniform? Does she have a gender neutral personality or does she think of herself as a man?

Hello  Likalaruku  , Sharaku is indeed a woman, I think the reason why she act like that is becoz a "Sanzo" is not a person, its a title. Refer Sanzo article. As of now it is too early to suggest that she has a gender neutral personality but being a Sanzo, she have to act like that (just my opinion). Pls, sign your questions with your time stamp next time thanks . 
RinilovesLet's talk 05:32, January 29, 2014 (UTC)
What I meant was does she use masculine or feminine pronouns when speaking? Ore, boku, asshi..... they don;t really put these kind of footnotes on scanlations. Likalaruku (talk) 11:52, January 31, 2014 (UTC)
Ok here's my rough reading on Kouten 2, I didnt do kouten 1 becoz it is very clear that Sharaku is using formal tones in introducing herself. I am Sharaku Sanzo the 28th of Arhat or I am the 28th of Arhat Sharaku Sanzo.
But in Kouten 2 here's my observation:
She describe herself as "THIS" - "Kono"  (usage of this, might explain becoz, of the Sanzo title)
"This Sharaku Sanzo protector of the Kouten Kyoumon with defense." Other than that she uses formal words when talking to Genjo as her equal on their conversation.
Kouten 3
There are so many yakuza like words.... used... In my opinion she did that to bring fear on the enemy...

RinilovesLet's talk 16:46, January 31, 2014 (UTC)

(Nana Aoi666 (talk) 12:40, February 2, 2014 (UTC))

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