Tenkai Sanzo
Tenkai Sanzo Ibun 001
Kanji 【天届三蔵】
Titles Tenkai Sanzo Houshi
Alias Genkai
Age Unknown (around 30 in Ibun)
Birthday 2 March
Race Youkai
Gender Male
Height 90 cm (35 inches)
Weight 28 kg (61 lbs)
Hair Black
Eye Color Violet
Relatives Taruchie?
Occupation Sanzo Priest
Status Deceased
Manga Debut Saiyuki Ibun Ch. 1
Seiyuu Chiwa Saitō (斎藤 千和) in Saiyuki Ibun Drama Cd
Skills Maten Sutra
Weapons Eyes of the Shikigami

Tenkai Sanzo (天届三蔵), previously known as Genkai (玄灰), held the Maten Sutra before it was passed along to Koumyou Sanzo. He is a small youkai in appearance, and is often called a runt. He has the ability to see peoples' future by touching them. His parents used him to make money, setting him up as a fortune teller to read people's future with his ability of foresight, known as The Eyes of Shinigami.[1]  He is first introduced in Saiyuki Ibun where he trains with Koumyou and Goudai Sanzo at Taisouji Temple.[2]




Genkai's Demon Mark.

Tenkai Sanzo, is very short, and thin. His size makes him easily mistaken for a child. But it appears that he is mainly muscle, probably gained from training at the Taisouji Temple. He is also demon, as he is shown to have pointed ears and a demon mark on his left temple. His head mainly has no hair, except from one small braid. His hair is black, and his eyes are purple.


In Saiyuki Ibun

Genkai is one of the candidates to achieve the rank of Sanzo. He is the only demon in their batch that seems to be present. Forty years early before Saiyuki timeline , it has been tradition for the Maten Kyoumon to be bestowned upon a youkai. One of the instructors, Master Zouryou, seems to have a personal prejudice towards demons, and since Genkai is the only demon, Genkai quickly becomes his main target for extra abuse.[3]

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Goudai Sanzo -

Koumyou Sanzo -

Weapons and Abilities

Eyes of the Shinigami: Genkai possesses the ability of foresight. It seems he sees a random place or event in someone's future when they come in contact with him.[4]


  • His name Tenkai means Heaven.
  • His exact age is unknown, but he's said to be around 30 years old in Ibun.
  • He shares the same youkai mark on his forehead as Taruchie, suggesting that they may be related.
  • Taruchie and Tenkaì also share the same voice actress, Saito Chiwa


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