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    Okay, so this is more of a bashing, but if you are a true Saiyuki fan you understand why. Kibou no Zaika is an interactive movie/game that was meant to go along side the anime. But it fails...

    It does, it does, it does! At first I thought It would get better. Bad things tend to get better right? Right? But by the end of it, I was wished I'd never heard of it. No, rather I wished it was never written. The movie is like bad fanfiction at its worse!

    The plot, over all, really is a distraction. The Sanzo party don't need one of those. They've been on this trip going three years now. Something is definitely wrong with Hakkai's maps. But also, it follows a lot of simple anime movie plots. Here arrives a temporary thing that can fix everyone's prob…

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    Wikia @ Work

    January 18, 2013 by Astral writer

    Hey, I've been making a list of things I want to do here on Saiyuki Wiki. There are a few pages that need to be heavily edited and so on. There are also so pages that need to be added. The things I'm listing here are kind of like my personal projects; some of them are free to be edited, but the list of new pages is strictly for my personal goal to make and design myself. Both are growling lists, so if anyone has anything they want to add to it? If the page is not listed, it either means... Well it means one or two of three things. One, I thinks it's done or as done they're going to get for the time being (which isn't saying much). Two, Sana (Ink Dragon Rosette) has them on her list to edit and I'm not going to think back on them until late…

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