I wanna make an article all about the episodes and the summary. I was thinking to do some in Gensoumaden Saiyuki. However, it seems I don't feel writing articles about episodes in Saiyuki Reload. I love Saiyuki Reload however it seems like I'm too lazy because I feel like some of them are just fillers (if I do not mistake). I actually don't like fillers though I started an article Meimei because I'm a cat lover. XDD And I am still going to recall/watch Saiyuki Reload Gunlock after finishing S.Reload.

And also, I haven't read the full manga. So if some of you have time. Make summaries about manga chapters too. It might help the readers if they want any spoiler. :)))) I just skimmed in the chapter 1 since it's almost the same as Episode 1.

And the extra thing that i was talking about is... the extra second special in each every end of the episodes in S.Reload. I wanna make add it in articles each episodes :DDDD

well I guess we'll do our best then :))

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