I just noticed that we're always working and working everyday. To be honest, after school when I go home. I immediately go my computer and work/maintain this wikia. It's good for me to be busy and forget things that I angers me. Anyway, since I wanna know you guys. I will introduce myself first.

Stage name: Nana Aoi/Rain Ocampo

Nickname: Nana

Birthday: April 3 (2 more months)

Age: 17

Status: In a relationship with Sha Gojyo (In my dreams)

Occupation: Musician (2011-ongoing), Freelance Photographer (2012- January 2013) 

Hobby/Interest: Guitar, bass, Computer, Wikia contribution, Anime, Manga, Musics, Cosplay

Twitter: @Nana_Aoi

Addiction: As of now, I am addicted in Saiyuki. I was rewatching all my childhood anime when I remember SAIYUKI.

And tonight, I forgot my assignment and to review for the quiz tomorrow. Why? I put my time and effort to do an article about the episodes. XDDD

Well I don't know what to say anymore, but your turn. xD

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