Tenpou Gaiden 002


So the other day I watched Koubana no Shou, and I just noticed on that day that all gods have violet/purple eyes. I know it's nothing important but I thought Tenpou's eyes are green like Hakkai. But I guess god's trademark are their eyes (exception to Sanzo).
  • currently rewatching Saiyuki Gaiden*

It's just the first anime confused me a lot but I guess Gaiden animation already got it right.

But if you're going to ask me, I refer Gensoumaden than Reload and Gunlock. XD

Oh, that means Nataku's eyes are originally golden like Goku? I just don't understand why they changed Nataku's hair to blonde and eyes to violet. :U Oh well!

Oh, Goujun's eyes... uhhhm, is he really a god? He looks so youkai for me. I guess not all gods have purple eyes just most of them.

Anyway, that's just it.

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