I will delete this picture sooner or later. The movie poster is "Journey to the West 2010". To be honest, I am proud of Minekura for doing/illustrating/writing a manga based on this Chinese Novel. To be honest, I don't wanna watch these movies of adaptation of Journey to the West. I didn't know that Gojyo is a pig in the original., but the same they both love woman and s.. XD And Goku is not really a monkey in Saiyuki but Son Wukong is the real monkey king. XD Which reminds me, Son Goku of Saiyuki and Son Goku of Dragon ball have similarities, including their weapon Nyoi-bou. Hakkai is Sha Wujing (I mistakenly thought Sha Wujing was Sha Gojyo) quiet but generally dependable character, who serves as the straight foil to the comic relief of Sun and Zhu.

Anyway, I just wanna share my thoughts of this that Minekura made it much better. Have you guys/gals tried watching the movies of this based on the Classical Novel? I am not used to see Sanzo with a balb hair on the original. XDD

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