This blog is where I will post every pictures I find it cute.

Photo of the Night: (February 5, 2012)

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Minekura-sensei's drawing in her blog. I find it cute too. Seeing Konzen, Tenpou, young Goku and Kenren wears their clothing in their present life.

Let's pray for Minekura's health, until the end I'll support this manga. One of the best! That's the truth!

Photo of the Night: (February 6, 2012)


Kougaiji is one of the hottest youkai in the series. Also, his the only guy that I pair to Yaone. ' w')/

I love him because he's very loyal to his friends and cares a lot to his sister, Lirin. Seriously, there are a lot to learn in Saiyuki. <3

Photo of the Night: (Ferbuary 7 2012)

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Western Army First Unit is one of my favorite part of the story. I learned LOYALTY. I wish to get a wallpaper of these people. However, I only got this picture from Minekura-sensei's blog. I was thinking to put it in the article, but nah! Maybe next time!

Tenpou and Kenren relationship is the best! Best friends forever and until in their present lives as Hakkai and Gojyo. It's really their FATE! I wonder if the rest of the first unit were incarnated as well. It kinda reminds me of Battle Royale, if you know that movie/manga. XD

Main 02 1301

I wonder if these hot guys really exist? ( ' 3')/

I want Gojyo or Kenren please! (> w <)/

Photo of the Day: (February 9 2013)

Goku cute 3

Did I mention that Goku is the most cutest character in Saiyuki for me? (> w<)/

I believe he was 10 below when Sanzo found him.

He was too small in Gaiden and probably 10 below. ' w'

Anyway, who cares about his age? He's the most cutest thing.

Goku cute 9

He somehow reminds me of Naruto. ' 3')/

Goku-chan~!!!! <3

Oh btw, I'm going to do a Lirin trial cosplay tomorrow. Is it okay to post it right here?

Tumblr m86lthpvUs1rceerso1 500
Tenpou smoking <3 Tenpou and Kenren are hot smokers! XD

Photo of the Night: (February 10 2013)

Saiyuki thing original by katiria

I found this Fan Art and I got attracted with it! XDD Reminds me of the Gensoumaden episode when Goku was taken by Homura xDDDD

Sanzo is a perfect adoptive father for Goku xD

Photo of the Night: (February 12 2013)

Tumblr mf8od8ke121qlqumho1 500

I can see Hakkai, Ukoku and Tenpou? And those two somehow reminds me of Wild Adapter, I think? Or is it them? XD

Characters such as these people who wears glasses are hot. o 3o

Photo of the Night: (Februar 14 2013)


I don't celebrate Valentines day, but Happy Valentines to my fellow member of this community. Tonight, I'm dating Saiyuki character, Gojyo. \(*w*)/

File:Tumblr mhs6vuwoQ21qfn72co1 1280.jpg

Photo of the Day: (February 17 2013)


Hahaha! One of the funniest chapter I ever read! Kougaiji's team got the credit card of the Sanzo party! =)))))))

Photos of the Day: (February 18 2013)

Omg! Sanzo can use katana. XD

I heard Kazuya is somewhere there D:


I am not sure if this woman is Kokia or Minekura, but some says it's Minekura. I'm not sure at all. D:

Anyway found these pictures... and the picture with young goku and konzen is so hot!!! XDDDD

Photo of the Night: (February 19 2013)


I love seeing chibis such as this, realizing how really cite Goku is. Say, I just noticed in Saiyuki Gaiden, that Kenren has originally violet eyes?

Waaahhhh~~ I hope Goku remembers his first sun. It's like I would love to reunite them since the memories are still etched in Goku's soul. An interesting fact, that Goku have some possibilities that he remembers Konzen if he's in true form.

Anyway, do you agree that the woman below is Kazuya Minekura or not? I am not pretty sure at all.

Photo of the Night: (February 20 2013)


Photo of the Night: (February 21, 2013)

One of my favorite parts are, when Goku embraces Konzen. And when I noticed a picture that Tenpou looks like a woman! xD And oooohhhNana Aoi666 (talk) Once again Tenpou and Kenren are so hot~!!! And I love this part of the manga, where Konzen smiled and doesn't really fit him, just like Sanzo's smile. It look unnatural! XD

Photos of the Day: (February 24, 2013)

Chibi Goku ~ I really love it!

What do you think is Kanzeon Bosatsu's secret hobby? XD I'm too malicious...

Sanzo with the dice thingy, I find him hot in here! O AO)/

And yiiiNana Aoi666 (talk) I really love Saiyuki Gaiden O AO

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