To be honest, I don't want Saiyuki to end fast but I would love to see the ending. I actually want another anime of Saiyuki which is the same in the manga. Just like fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood. I don't like anime fillers to be honest but since I love the characters who are playing there, I love it. :))

Anyway, what do you think will be the ending of Saiyuki? Does the Sanzo party will remember their past lives and realize that they are fate to be with? Or I was thinking that they will end up in the cherry blossoms just like what konzen said before. I was imagining things about the Sanzo party below the Cherry Blossoms.

And probably, Goku's age is about 500+ but since he was sealed (will pause his hunger, age, growth)... his age must be 15 and below. I would love to see more tender and care of Konzen/Sanzo and Goku.

How I wish the ending has something to do with the cherry blossoms. D:

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