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    In case you are wondering

    September 17, 2013 by Saiyukisama

    In case you/ or anyone is wondering what I am doing right now, I'm changing the current design of the wiki. Bit by bit, Im making the templates transform and I'm gonna change the main page soon (Dont ask how long its gonna take since Im just doing this in my free time).

    And yeah all of you know that I am waiting for the implementation of Project Darwin, new look of wikia is not that bad. I am just making sure if the new look is implemented this wiki dont need to catch up, coz I'm trying it already bit by bit.

    Any questions just or suggestions just visit me at my facebook page or message me here or my wall page. All my contact details are there already. Saiyukisama (talk) 17:47, September 17, 2013 (UTC)

    It come to my attention that the color t…

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    The New look of wikia

    August 30, 2013 by Saiyukisama

    The new look of wikia, they called this Project Darwin. I've been reading the tweaks and some might be future changes. Becoz of this I wont be changing some tweeks here in Saiyuki Wiki for now. I am studying this Test Wiki provided by Wikia

    If you all want to try the new wiki features I suggest you all to need to study as well. Although not officially confirmed this features might be implemented a month from now.

    So If you wanna try as well here is the Test Wiki link:

    Happy Studying everyone.

    Well I'm still here fro minor edits, if there are questions needed to be answered just contact me at my page. Saiyukisama (talk) 05:22, August 30, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Saiyukisama

    Because we keep on getting legal issues regarding on our image policies, plagiarism and where our articles might came from.  I've always wanted this wiki to be free but we have to abide by wikia community rules and so on.

    Such policies are/will be added to the wiki.

    • Image policy (added)
    • Verifiablity - mostly concerns the references (under construction)
    • Candidates for File/Article deletion (under construction)
    • Naming an article - as part of episodes, as part of chapters, as part of guidebooks etc... (under construction)
    • Content (under construction)

    Comment below (as attendance - assurance that you have read it) , to discuss what steps to be taken in other policy issues.

    Were on strike 2 by the way ^_^

    Strike 1 was 2 years ago,a n issue regarding 3rd pa…

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  • Saiyukisama

    To access the following templates

    Comment below if you find errors...

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  • Saiyukisama

    well i fix the template, change the color(v req),added stage actor data under the v/a (v req). Well the only missing that I forgot is the Occupancy, after that nothing more... Well if I forgot and if you wanted too add more on the infobox pm me.

    update "alias'es" is added to the data range .

    alias under kanji and title if the character has

    occupancy under relatives. I have no choice :p

    Manual Code

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