Because we keep on getting legal issues regarding on our image policies, plagiarism and where our articles might came from.  I've always wanted this wiki to be free but we have to abide by wikia community rules and so on.

Such policies are/will be added to the wiki.

  • Verifiablity - mostly concerns the references (under construction)
  • Candidates for File/Article deletion (under construction)
  • Naming an article - as part of episodes, as part of chapters, as part of guidebooks etc... (under construction)
  • Content (under construction)

Comment below (as attendance - assurance that you have read it) , to discuss what steps to be taken in other policy issues.

Were on strike 2 by the way ^_^

Strike 1 was 2 years ago,a n issue regarding 3rd party article. Some of the admins don't know yet.

Strike 2 about image liscencing and sort of. I was advised to add some strict rules coz of that.

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