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Manula sample

|Song name = Alone
|image = Alone album cover.jpg

|Singer  = Shimokawa Mikuni
|Composer = ab:fly
|Lyrics = Sumiyo Mutsumi (六ツ見 純代)
|Type = Enthing Theme
|Label = Enix
|Length = 4:40 mins
|Episode run = 26 - final
|Album name = Alone
|Released date = December 6 2000
|video = [[File:Saiyuki - Alone|center|240 px]]}}

Alone album cover
Shimokawa Mikuni
Composer ab:fly
Lyrics Sumiyo Mutsumi (六ツ見 純代)
Type Enthing Theme
Label Enix
Length 4:40 mins
Episode run 26 - final
Album name Alone
Released date December 6 2000
Saiyuki - Alone01:30

Saiyuki - Alone


adjusted color width,size, to suit the wiki's theme

|Series Name = Saiyuki Reload
|image = Nataku029.png
|Kanji = 最遊記 RELOAD
|director = Tetsuya Endo
|series author = Minekura Kazuya
|Animation Studio = Studio Pierrot
|network = TV Tokyo
|English Network = Encore Action & WAM
|Series Run = October 2, 2003 - March 2, 2004
|number of episodes = 25
|series run = 4 April 2000 – 27 March 2001
|prequel = [[Saiyuki Gensoumaden (Anime)|Gensoumaden]]
|next =  [[Saiyuki Reload Gunlock|Reload Gunlock]]}}
Saiyuki Reload
Directed by Tetsuya Endo
Series author Minekura Kazuya
Network TV Tokyo
Number of episodes 25
Series run 4 April 2000 – 27 March 2001
Reload Gunlock

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