well i fix the template, change the color(v req),added stage actor data under the v/a (v req). Well the only missing that I forgot is the Occupancy, after that nothing more... Well if I forgot and if you wanted too add more on the infobox pm me.

update "alias'es" is added to the data range .

alias under kanji and title if the character has

occupancy under relatives. I have no choice :p

Manual Code

{{Characters<br />|name = Genjo Sanzo<br />|kanji = 玄奘三蔵<br />|titles = Towa Genjo Sanzo, the 31st of China<br />|age = [[Saiyuki Reload Blast| 25]]<br />|birthday = November 29<br />|race = Human<br />|gender = Male<br />|height = 176.5 cm (5'9")<br />|weight = 64 kg (141 lbs.)<br />|hair = Blonde<br />|eyes = Violet<br />|blood type = A<br />|relatives = Rin Toku - father<br />Kouran - mother<br><br />[[Koumyou Sanzo]] - adoptive father/guardian<br><br />[[Son Goku]] - adoptive son<br />|status = Alive<br />|image = {{switch|option1=Manga|[[file:manga_srb_sanzo01.jpg|200px]]|option2=Anime|[[File:anime_sanzo01.jpg]]}}<br />|manga debut = Saiyuki Vol. 01, intro<br />|anime debut = Saiyuki Ep. 01<br />|seiyuu = Toshihiko Seki<br />|english = David Matranga<br>Lex Lang<br />|stage = Suzuki Hiroki<br />|skills =     

expert martial artist<br />Buddhist spell mastery<br><br />expert marksmen<br />|weapons = Maten Sutra<br />S&W M36<br><br />Harissen }}


the old episode template was updated to suit the current look of the wiki. If you guys all remember , the old wiki used to take up the whole screen, not anymore. Coz now the article is 25% less than it is has eaten space. So we need to adjust some fonts and the color also <v req>.

to access type
in source code and the data that is needed to fill is there.
|Episode Title = To the Distant West
|image = 01-002_(Title_Scene).png
|Manga equivalent = Sai. Vol. 1, Intro
|airdate = April 4, 2000
|writer = Katsuyuki Sumisawa
|director = Hayato Date
|previous = N/A
|next = [[02 A Guide to the Nether World |02 ]]|Sub title = |Kanji  = "はるかなる西へ" - Go to the West 
|screenplay = ????
|storyboard = ????}}

To the Distant West
01-002 (Title Scene)
"はるかなる西へ" - Go to the West
Series name Gensoumaden Saiyuki
Manga equivalent Sai. Vol. 1, Intro
Air date April 4, 2000
Written by Katsuyuki Sumisawa
Directed by Hayato Date
Screenplay by  ????
Story board by  ????

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